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Biysk-1 power station is an operating power station of at least 504-megawatts (MW) in Biysk, Altai Krai, Russia.


Table 1: Project-level location details

Plant name Location Coordinates (WGS 84)
Biysk-1 power station Biysk, Biysk, Altai Krai, Russia 52.48922, 85.08656 (exact)

The map below shows the exact location of the power station.

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Unit-level coordinates (WGS 84):

  • Unit 8, Unit 3, Unit 4, Unit 5, Unit 6, Unit 7: 52.48922, 85.08656

Project Details

Table 2: Unit-level details

Unit name Status Fuel(s) Capacity (MW) Technology Start year Retired year
Unit 8 operating coal - subbituminous 115 subcritical 1994
Unit 3 operating coal - subbituminous 50 subcritical 1966
Unit 4 operating coal - subbituminous 60 subcritical 1974
Unit 5 operating coal - subbituminous 50 subcritical 1984
Unit 6 operating coal - subbituminous 114.9 subcritical 1986
Unit 7 operating coal - subbituminous 114.9 subcritical 1990

Table 3: Unit-level ownership and operator details

Unit name Owner
Unit 8 Barnaul Generation JSC [100.0%]
Unit 3 Barnaul Generation JSC [100.0%]
Unit 4 Barnaul Generation JSC [100.0%]
Unit 5 Barnaul Generation JSC [100.0%]
Unit 6 Barnaul Generation JSC [100.0%]
Unit 7 Barnaul Generation JSC [100.0%]

Project-level coal details

  • Coal source(s): Zarechny coal mine, Vostochno-Beisky coal mine and Chernogorsky coal mine


The eight-unit, 529.7MW coal-fired Biysk-1 power station is owned by Barnaul Generation JSC, which is part of SUEK.

The plant’s eight units were brought online between 1951 and 1994.[1][2]

In May 2020 Unit 7 was switched to run on cheaper D grade coal (Subbituminous). This was the last unit to be switched among all units, the process lasted for 8 years.[3] Previously the power plant ran on more expensive Bituminous grades. The company also mentioned that Subbituminous grade coal has better availability, particularly from the Kuzbass (Kemerovo) region.[3] It appeared that coal is supplied to the power plants in the Altai territory from Zarechny coal mine, Vostochno-Beisky coal mine and Chernogorsky coal mine, all of them are owned by SUEK.[4]

In 2021 the plant produced 1,817 million kWh of electricity, in 2020 it was 1,789 million kWh.[5] In 2022 the plant produced 2,164 million kWh of electricity.[6]

In early 2023 it was reported that one of the chimneys will be dismantled by the end of the year. The chimney was taking out smoke from only 1 boiler. This would leave 2 chimneys in operation.[7]

Capacity Increase

In 2021, Siberian Generation Company listed 519 MW for the power station's capacity, but as of June 2022 it was 529.7MW.[2] In May 2021 the power station confirmed increased capacity of 114.9MW instead of the previous 110MW at Units 6 and 7. This was based on the results of the comprehensive testing done in 2021 and reviewed by the System Operator.[8]

The company further stated on its website that it has 7 active turbine units and 8 boilers.[2] Based on the System Operator's document released in February 2023, it appeared that Unit 2 with 25MW was retired earlier as it was not listed as part of installed capacity.[9] Unit 1 with 25MW of capacity remained.[9]


In February 2021, two workers at the Biysk-1 power station received severe burns when coal dust leaked into the workshop and ignited. Both workers ultimately died from their wounds. A criminal case was initiated to investigate violation of labour protection requirements resulting in the death of a person by negligence.[10]

Articles and Resources


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