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Blackham Resources is a small West Australian mining exploration company. While the company's main focus is on the development of the Matilda gold project near Wiluna, it has also touted the development of the Scadden Energy Project based on a coal deposit 60 kilometres north of Esperance.[1] The company, through its wholly owned subsidiary Zanthus Energy, also holds the title to the Zanthus Lignite Project, a lignite deposit to the west of Norseman.[2]

Coal projects

As of November 2012, no significant work has been undertaken on either of the coal projects. The company's quarterly reports for March[3] and June[4] repeated material from its December 2011 quarterly report. Significantly, the company's September 2012 quarterly report made no mention at all of its coal projects.[5]

Financial position

In its September 2012 quarterly report, Blackham Resources stated that even after raising $1.2 million before costs via a share issue it finished the quarter with only $1.35 million "in cash, liquid investments and receivables." The company did not mention either of its coal projects in its quarterly report.[5]

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