Bokaro Steel City Thermal Power Station

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The Bokaro Steel City Thermal Power Station is a 338-megawatt captive coal-fired power station in Jharkhand, India. It provides power for the Bokaro steel plant.


The undated satellite photo below shows the power station in the Bokaro district.

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Bokaro Power Supply Company Ltd, which operates the Bokaro Steel City Thermal Power Station, is a joint venture company of Damodar Valley Corporation and SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd.) (SAIL_, to operate and maintain the captive power and steam generation plant at SAIL's Bokaro steel plant.[1][2]

The coal plant consists of seven units totaling 338 MW, commissioned from 1972 to 2014.[3]


In January 2013, political leaders, displaced people, and local residents near the Bokaro Steel City power plant united against the companies building the power plant, Bokaro Steel Plant (BSL) and Bokar Power Supply Company Limited (BPSCL). The displaced residents are demanding that the companies develop the peripheral area of the plant to improve their lives. They were promised electricity, roads, water, drains, community hall, playgrounds, and other infrastructure that they never received. In the last few months of 2012, locals had held blockades as well as went into assembly areas to demand for jobs and facilities for displaced people.[4]

For three months up until January 7, 2020, residents of three villages around the Bokaro Steel power plant blocked roads in protest of the ash that has been carried throughout the area. The villagers eventually met with the deputy commissioner of Bokaro, Mukesh Kumar, along with Congress leader, Sweta Singh. The deputy commissioner formed a committee to assess the air pollution problem and submit a report, in return for the protestors to stop the blockade.[5]

Plant Details

Sponsor: Bokaro Power Supply Company
Parent company: Damodar Valley Corporation and SAIL (Steel Authority of India Ltd.)(SAIL)
Location: Bokaro district, Jharkhand
Coordinates: 23.68587458, 86.09294415 (exact)
Status: Operating
Nameplate capacity: 338 MW
Start year: 1972-2014
Coal Type:
Coal Source:
Source of financing:

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