Bongcheon Coal Mine

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Bongcheon Coal Mine (or Pongchon, 봉천탄광) is an underground coal mine in South Pyongan Province, North Korea.[1]


The map below shows the approximate location of the coal mine in South Pyongan Province, North Korea.[2]

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The mine is in the largest anthracite rich area in North Korea and is located in Gaecheon District, South Pyongan Province. There are Bongcheon Coal Mine, Gaecheon Coal Mine, Choyang Coal Mine, Wonri Coal Mine, Sinlip Coal Mine, Ramjeon Coal Mine, Sinseong Coal Mine, and Mujindae Youth Coal Mine.[3]

The reserves of the Bongcheon coal mine were 47 million tonnes as of 1997, and the annual production capacity is 1.2 million tonnes.[3] Production is about 550 tonnes of high-heat coal per month and 15,000 tonnes of low-heat coal per month, according to national sources.[3][2] This is equivalent to 0.19 million tonnes production per year.

Since 2017, the Bongcheon Coal Exploration Team has been working on a high-quality coal mine near the existing coal mine area. After excavation, hundreds of thousands of tonnes of coal reserves were newly secured.[2]

Mine Details

  • Operator: Gaecheon District Coal Mine Joint Enterprise
  • Owner: Government of North Korea
  • Location: South Pyongan Province, North Korea
  • Coordinates: 39.775859, 125.959091 (approximate)
  • Mine status: Operating
  • Start year:
  • Production capacity (Mtpa): 1.2[3]
  • Total reserves (Mt): 47 (1997)[3]
  • Coal type: Anthracite[3]
  • Mine type: Underground
  • Start year:

Articles and Resources


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