Bovanenkovo-Ukhta 3 Gas Pipeline

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Bovanenkovo​-Ukhta 3 Gas Pipeline (Бованенково - Ухта - 3, третья нитка Бованенково - Ухта) is a proposed gas pipeline in Russia.[1]


The pipeline would start in Bovanenkovo field, Yamalo-Nenets Autonomus Okrug, Russia and run to Ukhta, Komi Republic, Russia.[2]

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Project details


The proposed pipeline would be owned and operated by Gazprom.[3] It would run parallel to the Bovanenkovo-Ukhta Gas Pipeline and Bovanenkovo-Ukhta 2 Gas Pipeline. In Ukhta, the pipeline would connect to the Yamal-Europe Gas Pipeline.[4]

In November 2020, Gazprom carried out engineering and environmental surveys on the route of the proposed pipeline. The results of engineering and environmental surveys will be used to develop an environmental impact assessment (EIA) of the projected facilities and will serve as initial data in the development of environmental protection measures for the period of its construction and operation. The assessment was planned to be completed and submitted for government review during the 4th quarter of 2021.[4] In July 2021, Gazprom initiated a tender for construction materials.[2] In November 2021, the head of Komi Republic mentioned that the pipeline was expected to be commissioned in 2024-2028.[5] In February 2022, the general director of the company Gazprom Transgaz Ukhta (subsidiary of Gazprom) noted that construction of the Bovanenkovo​-Ukhta-3 gas pipeline was expected to start in 2022.[6] In May 2022, Gazprom announced a tender for development of design documentation related to the pipeline and related infrastructure.[7]

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