Bukhara-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty Gas Pipeline

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Bukhara-Tashkent-Bishkek-Almaty Gas Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline.[1]


The pipeline runs from Bukhara, Uzbekistan through Tashkent, Shymkent, Taraz, and Bishkek to Almaty, Kazakhstan

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Project Details

  • Operator: Uzbekneftegas; KyrKazGas; KazTransGas
  • Parent Company: Uzbekneftegas; Kyrgyzgas; KazMunayGas
  • Current capacity: 22 billion cubic meters per year
  • Length: 425 miles / 684 kilometers
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 1971


The 'Bukhara–Tashkent–Bishkek–Almaty pipeline is Uzbekistan's main natural gas export pipeline. Construction of the pipeline started in 1967. In 1968, the pipeline reached to Tashkent, in 1970 to Bishkek (then Frunze) and in 1971 to Almaty.[2]


The diameter of the pipeline is 1020 mm (40 in) and the annual capacity of the pipeline is almost 22 billion cubic meter (bcm) of natural gas.[3] The pipeline is the main source of gas supply for Kyrgyzstan and the southern part of Kazakhstan. It is possible that the pipeline will be connected with the planned Central Asia-China gas pipeline.[4]


The Kazakhstan section of pipeline is operated by KazTransGas, a wholly owned subsidiary of KazMunayGas. The Kyrgyzstan section of pipeline is operated by KyrKazGas, the joint venture of KazTransGas and Kyrgyzgas.

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