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CP2 LNG Terminal, also known as Calcasieu Pass 2 LNG Terminal, is a proposed LNG terminal in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, United States.[1]


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Project details

  • Owner: Venture Global CP2 LNG, LLC[2]
  • Parent: Venture Global LNG[3]
  • Location: Cameron Parish, Louisiana, United States[1]
  • Coordinates: 29.77427234, -93.32394745 (approximate)
  • Type: Export[1]
  • Trains: Phase 1: 9 blocks; Phase 2: 9 blocks[1]
  • Capacity: Phase 1: 10 mtpa; Phase 2: 10 mtpa (1.1 mtpa per block)[1][4]
  • Status: Proposed[5]
  • FID Status: Pre-FID (2023)(delayed)[6]
  • Costs: more than US$10 billion[7]
  • Start year: Phase 1: 2026, Phase 2: 2027[8]
  • Associated infrastructure: CP Express Pipeline[1]


In January 2021, Venture Global announced that it was seeking to enter the pre-filing process at the US Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for another major LNG export project. This project would be capable of producing up to 24 million tonnes per year (mtpa) in Cameron Parish, Louisiana, and an 87.5-mile pipeline project, called the CP Gas Pipeline, running from Jasper County, Texas, to the facility.[1]

The company already is building the Calcasieu Pass LNG Terminal in Cameron and has received FERC authorization to build the Plaquemines LNG Terminal as well. In 2020, Venture Global also began the early FERC review stage for the Delta LNG Terminal, an up to 24 mtpa facility in Plaquemines Parish, south of New Orleans, although the company did not mention that facility in its latest filing.[1]

The CP2 LNG project would include 18 liquefaction blocks, each with a nameplate capacity of about 1.1 mtpa, four LNG full containment storage tanks, two marine loading berths, and an onsite, 1,400 MW combined cycle gas-turbine power generation station. The LNG terminal would be adjacent to the Calcasieu Pass LNG Terminal.[1]

The project will be built in two phases of 10 mtpa nameplate capacity each, as would the 48-inch-diameter pipeline with 84,000 hp of compression allowing for up to 2 Bcf/d in the first phase, bringing the total up to 4 Bcf/d, in the second. The first phase would start construction with receipt of regulatory approvals, while the second would depend upon market conditions, according to the FERC filing (PL21-1).[1] Phase one construction activities are aimed to be commenced in the second quarter of 2023, with the first deliveries planned for the second quarter of 2025. Full commercial operations are expected to be achieved by mid-2026. Construction of the remaining terminal facilities will be built in the second phase, with construction and operational timelines to be determined by and dependent on market conditions.[4]

In December 2021, Venture Global submitted an application to FERC for authorization to build and maintain the CP2 LNG Terminal and CP Express Pipeline.[9]

In July 2022, FERC suspended the environmental review process for CP2 LNG Terminal and the CP Express Pipeline because Venture Global had failed to provide information related to its draft biological assessment and analysis of the cumulative impacts of the project.[10]

In July 2023, Venture Global received a positive final environmental impact statement from FERC. The company said the project was on track to begin construction by the end of 2023. At this point in time, Venture Global had sold about half of the project's output.[6]

In January 2024, the Biden Administration announced a pause on issuing CP2's non-Free Trade Agreement (FTA) export authorization (see section below).[11]

As of March 2024, Venture Global said the project was still on track to begin operations in 2026, despite the Biden Administration's LNG pause.[12] The company was still planning to spend between US$3.5 and $4 billion on the project this year.[13]

In May 2024, FERC chairman Willie Philips attributed its extended analysis of the CP2 facility to its assessment of the project's potential emissions.[14]


In March 2022, Venture Global announced that New Fortress Energy had signed a contract to purchase 1 mtpa of LNG from CP2 LNG over a 20 year period.[15]

In May 2022, Venture Global announced that ExxonMobil LNG Asia Pacific had agreed to purchase 1 mtpa of LNG from the facility for an unspecified, long-term duration.[16]

In June 2022, Venture Global announced a sales and purchase agreement with Chevron under which it will sell 2 mtpa split between CP2 LNG and its Plaquemines LNG Terminal.[17] Venture Global also announced a deal with the German utility EnBW Energie Baden-Wuerttemberg AG, which will buy 1.5 mtpa for 20 years starting in 2026. Venture Global did not specify whether this supply will come from CP2 LNG or one of Venture Global's other projects.[18] Furthermore, Venture Global announced a 20-year SPA for 2.25 mtpa with Germany's Securing Energy for Europe GmbH (SEFE) affiliated with the CP2 project.[19]

In December 2022, Venture Global and Japan's Inpex announced an SPA for the purchase of 1 mtpa over a 20-year period.[20]

In February 2023, Venture Global signed two SPAs with China Gas, which agreed to purchase 1 mtpa each from CP2 LNG and Plaquemines LNG Terminal for a period of 20 years.[21]

In April 2023, Venture Global signed a 20-year, 1-mtpa SPA with Japan's JERA.[22]

In May 2023, Worley was awarded an engineering, procurement, and construction (EPC) contract by Venture Global to build the facility.[23]

Biden Administration LNG Pause

In January 2024, the Biden Administration announced that it would delay issuing non-Free Trade Agreement (FTA) export authorization to CP2 as it reassessed the criteria under which the Department of Energy assesses LNG projects are in the public interest. The administration's reassessment will include consideration of how it should account for project's climate impacts. The LNG pause also impacts other LNG projects that are awaiting non-FTA export authorizations from the DOE.[11]


In May 2023, Venture Global closed a US$4.5 billion offering of senior secured notes. LNG Prime reported, "The notes have been issued in a series of 8.125 percent senior secured notes due 2028 in an aggregate principal amount of $2.25 billion, and a series of 8.375 percent senior secured notes due 2031 in an aggregate principal amount of $2.25 billion." The senior secured notes are affiliated with Venture Global and not any particular LNG terminal.[24]

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