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The Camisea NGL Pipeline is an operating natural gas liquids pipeline in Peru.[1]


The pipeline transports natural gas liquids from the Camisea gas fields in Peru's Amazon basin, running across the Andes from the Malvinas separation plant in Sabeti (Cuzco department) to the Pisco fractioning plant on Peru's Pacific coast.[1][2][3]

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Project Details

  • Operator: TGP (Transportadora de Gas del Peru)[1][2][4]
  • Parent Company: Grupo de Energia de Bogota 23.6%, Enagás 22.45%, Sonatrach 21.2%, SK Corporation 11.2%, GDF Suez 8%, Canada Pension Plan Investment Board 10.4%, and Graña y Montero 2.98%[4][5][6]
  • Current capacity: 130,000 bpd (barrels per day)[1]
  • Length: 560 km / 348 miles[1][3]
  • Diameter: 11 inches, 14 inches[1][3]
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2004[7][8]


The Camisea natural gas liquids pipeline system is operated under a 33-year concession granted in 2000 by the Peruvian government to Transportadora de Gas Peruano, a consortium of Tecgas, Pluspetrol, Hunt Oil Company, SK Corporation, Sonatrach and Grana y Montero.[2] The pipeline runs parallel to the Camisea Gas Pipeline from its origin in Peru's Amazon basin to the Pisco fractioning plant on Peru's Pacific coast.[1][2]

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