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Cennergi is a 50:50 joint venture between the South Africa mining company Exxaro Resources and the Indian power generation company Tata Power. The company was officialy launched in March 2012. In a media release the companies stated that "focus on the investigation of feasibility, development, ownership, operation, maintenance, acquisition and management of electricity generation projects in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The initial project pipeline focuses on renewable energy projects in South Africa and Cennergi’s strategy is to create a balanced portfolio of generation assets."[1]

In the media release Exxaro's Chief Executive Officer, Sipho Nkosi, proclaimed that "Cennergi aims to be the leading cleaner energy independent power producer (IPP) in Southern Africa, serving an expanding energy market. The company’s diverse project portfolio confirms its commitment to both people and planet. Through Cennergi, we will be powering progress in the areas in which we operate. This partnership with Tata Power will add the skills and capabilities necessary to create a world class energy company in this region with enormous growth opportunities.”[1]

The role of coal

The initial media statement on the launch of the company made no mention of coal-fired projects.[1] The following month, at the time of official launch of the company, Thomas Garner, the CEO of Cennergi, stated in a media release that "as a Southern African company, our intention is to become partners with Eskom and to actively contribute towards solving the energy challenges facing South Africa today,” he added “ with the Department of Energy’s commitment to renewable energy, Eskom’s drive to solving the country’s energy challenges, the desire of South Africa’s people and of our neighbours for access to electricity to power the development so urgently required on this continent, we have no doubt we will exceed our dreams.”[2] Once again there was no mention of coal-based projects.

In May 2012 the company announced that it had been selected as the preferred bidder for two wind farm projects.[3]

However, in an interview with Engineering News in April, Garner had flagged that while the company's initial focus would be on renewable energy projects, it also aimed to develop or buy coal and gas projects in South Africa, Namibia and Botswana.[4]

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