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Cerro Mine or Mina do Cerro is a coal mine near the city of Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.[1]


The satellite photo below shows the location of Mina do Cerro, near Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil.[1]

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Cerro Mine is owned by Sociedade Mineradora do Cerro Ltda. a subsidary of Copelmi Mineração LTDA[1][2][3] Copelmi is Brazil’s largest private coal mining company, controlling more than 80% of the industrial coal market.[4]

Government reports show that coal production at the mine reached 423,662 tonnes per annum in 2005[3], but it has since declined. A 2019 industry report listed the Cerro mine as Copelmi's third most productive coal mine, with annual production of 100,000 tonnes.[5]

Project Details

  • Owner: Sociedade Mineradora do Cerro Ltda.
  • Parent company: Copelmi Mineração[1]
  • Location: Cachoeira do Sul, Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil
  • GPS coordinates: -30.390024, -53.046300 (exact)[1]
  • Mine status: Operating[1]
  • Start year: 2004[3]
  • Mineable reserves:
  • Coal type:
  • Mine size:
  • Mine type: Surface[6]
  • Production: 100,000 tonnes per annum[5]
  • Additional proposed production:
  • Equipment:
  • Number of employees:

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