Changqing-Huhhot Pipeline

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Changqing-Huhhot Pipeline also known as Shaanxi-Huhu Line (长庆油田-呼和浩特输气管道(陕呼线,长呼线)) is an operating gas pipeline in China.[1]


The pipeline runs from Uxin Banner, Ordos City to Huhhot, Inner Mongolia, China.

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Project Details

Main Line: Shanhu Line & Changhu Line 陕呼线,长呼线

  • Operator: Inner Mongolia Western Natural Gas Co[2]
  • Parent Company: CNPC
  • Current capacity: 1.3 bcm/year
  • Proposed capacity:
  • Length: 314.14 mi / 506 km
  • Diameter:
  • Status: operating
  • Start Year: 2003

Changqing-Huhhot Parallel Pipeline 长呼复线

The pipeline runs from the third gas production plant of Changqing Oilfield Company in Uxin Banner, Ordos (鄂尔多斯市乌审旗) to Saihan District, Hohhot, (呼和浩特市赛罕区) Inner Mongolia, China.[3]

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  • Operator: Inner Mongolia Western Natural Gas Co[4]
  • Parent Company: Ordos State Asset Investment Holding Group (鄂尔多斯市国有资产投资控股集团有限公司) 48%; CNPC 42%; Baotou Shenyin Industrial Group (包头市申银产业集团有限公司) 10%.
  • Current capacity: 6 bcm/year
  • Proposed capacity:
  • Length: 321.87 mi / 518 km
  • Diameter: 864 mm
  • Status: operating
  • Start Year: 2012


The pipeline source is the Changqing Gas Field. Its diameter is 457 mm and a design pressure of 6.4MPa.

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