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Cheyenne Connector Pipeline is an operating natural gas pipeline in Colorado, USA.[1]


The pipeline will run within Weld County, Colorado, USA.[2]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Tallgrass Enery Partners LP[3][4]
  • Owner: Tallgrass Energy (50%), DCP Midstream (50%)[5][6]
  • Proposed capacity: 600 million cubic feet per day[7][1][3]
  • Length: 112.7 kilometers / 70 miles[1][3]
  • Diameter: 36 inches[1][3]
  • Status: Operating[5]
  • Start Year: 2020[5]
  • Cost: US $213 million[3]


The Cheyenne Connector Project is a 70-mile large-diameter interstate natural gas pipeline designed to receive gas from processing facilities in southern Weld County in the DJ Basin and deliver it to the Cheyenne Hub just south of the Wyoming border. The pipeline, with an initial design capacity of 600 MMcf/d and potential room for expansion, will link natural gas supplies from the DJ Basin to demand areas in West, Midwest, Gulf Coast and Southeast markets. It was estimated to enter service in Q4 2019.[8]

Tallgrass Energy had submitted an application with FERC in 2018[1] and received the approval in September 2019.[9] Construction commenced in the last quarter of 2019[10] and was completed in June 2020.[3]

In June 2020, Tallgrass Energy announced that it had obtained approval to being service from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) for both the Cheyenne Connector Pipeline and the Rockies Express Gas Pipeline (REX), which are a part of the Cheyenne Hub Enhancement Project. Both pipelines were placed in-service on June 26, 2020, two days after the FERC decision.[5]

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