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China Coal Energy is a subsidiary of China National Coal,[1] the second largest coal mining state-owned enterprise in Mainland China, just after China Shenhua Energy Company, and the third largest coal mining enterprise in the world. China Coal Energy is listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange and the Shanghai Stock Exchange.[2]

In Sep. 2011, China Coal Energy dropped 17% in Hong Kong trading after its parent - China National Coal Group Corp. - was ordered to cease operations in Shanxi province following a fatal mine accident in Shanxi province in northern China. Flooding at a pit killed 10 people, leading Shanxi’s Vice Governor Li to say the disaster exposed “serious problems” in safety, and authorities to say they will do an investigation. The mine produces 900,000 tons of coal a year.[3]

Shanxi produced 740 million tons of coal in 2010. In March 2010, China blamed lapses in safety measures at Wangjialing mine, also in Shanxi, for a flood that trapped more than 100 workers. Thirty-two of them died.[3]

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China National Coal
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