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Chvaletice Power Station is an 820-megawatt coal-fired power station in Pardubický, Czech Republic.


The plant is located in Trnávka, about twenty kilometers to the west from the town of Pardubice.

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Chvaletice is a lignite coal-fired power station that was owned and operated by the CEZ Group. It consists of four 205 MW subcritical units that began operating in 1977-78. In 2013, CEZ Group sold the plant to Severní Energetická.[1]

Units 3-4 are being retrofitted with pollution controls to run until 2030.[2]

In May 2020, and following a month long production stoppage at the plant due to decreased energy demand brought by the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in the Czech Republic, Greenpeace CZ and other environmental groups raised alarm over Severní Energetická's renewed efforts to gain an exemption from Czech authorities related to new emission limits for air pollution due to be in force from mid-2021. According to the groups, the company is insisting on an excessive daily limit for emissions of mercury and nitrogen oxides on the basis that the technical measures to reduce these emissions would be too costly.[3]

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