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Cordemais Power Station Expansion near the village of Cordemais, Nantes has reopened the Cordemais 3 oil-fired generating unit at the existing Cordemais power station owned and operated by EDF; the 185 million euro expansion would add 700 megawatts to the existing 1900 megawatt station.[1] In February 2006 Power in Europe, an energy trade newsletter, reported that the "additional 700 MW to come from re-opening a closed unit at cost of €50 million, plus €55 million spend to improve performance of existing operational units. €80 million to be spent on Nox reductions. Project is part of EDF programme to increase capacity by 3,100 MW by 2008."[2] This project is now completed with EDF stating in its 2007 annual report that the Cordemais 3 unit was "brought back into service as planned, after being shut down for 12 years".[3]

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