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Doug Townsend is a director of Podium Energy, which describes itself as "a facilitator engaged in the roll out of emerging energy technologies globally" and as a "partner" of the Australian PR and lobbying firm, the Markstone Group and Baker Jones Lawyers.[1] A July 2009 media release also lists Townsend as a director of the Markstone Group.[2]

Promoting Brown Coal

Podium Energy appears to have only one client, the Victorian brown coal promoter Environmental Clean Technologies (ECT). In a media release announcing an agreement with a Vietnamese investment company, ECT stated that the deal was "a successful outcome from our partnership program with Podium Energy, who provided the initial introduction and facilitated negotiations."[3] Another ECT media release stated that the June 2009 "Coordination Agreement" between ECT and Tincom "has been brokered with assistance from Podium Energy" and specifically mentioned "Podium Director Doug Townsend".[4]

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