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Eastern Coal States Coalition was formalised in mid-2007 and comprises the state coal associations of West Virginia, Alabama, Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Maryland, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia. A news report also states that "other regional coal associations, coal operators and associated groups also are part of the coalition."[1]

It was also reported that the coalition had submitted comments to the U.S. House of Representatives Education and Labor Committee's Subcommittee on Workforce Protections and in late June 2007 had "visited several members of Congress to introduce itself and explain the issues facing eastern coal producers."[1]


Chris Hamilton, the senior vice president of the West Virginia Coal Association explained that "the eastern states always met periodically, primarily to exchange information about the different rules and policy issues affecting mining ... Given all the challenges before the coal industry today, the eastern states felt it was timely for them to develop a more cohesive, unified voice for eastern coal production," he said.[1]

The coalition is also aiming to respond to increasing competition from internationally sourced coal."Imported coal is at an all-time high ... In fact, major rehabilitation is under way at all our ports so they accept even more (imports) in the future. Plus, we have lost probably 50 percent of our export market over the past decade to foreign suppliers," he said.[1]

"We also have work force shortages, continued legal issues and challenges centered on surface production," he said.[1]

Providing a Platform for the Skeptics

In November 2007 Robert Ferguson and Lord Monckton -- both prominent climate change skeptics -- spoke at the Eastern Coal States Coalition conference at the Marriott Griffin Gate Conference Center in Lexington Kentucky. The announcement for the event by the West Virginia Coal Association stated that Ferguson would "present his new text -- 'Essential Readings in Climate Science'" and that Monckton, "an outspoken critic of Al Gore, has attracted international attention for his public opposition to the mainstream scientific consensus on global warming and climate change."[2]

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