Energie Saguenay Gas Pipeline

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Energie Saguenay Gas Pipeline is a proposed natural gas pipeline in Quebec, Canada.[1]


The pipeline runs from from northern Ontario to Saguenay.[1]

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Project Details

  • Owner: GNL Québec[1]
  • Capacity:
  • Length: 782-kilometre[1]
  • Status: Proposed[1]
  • Cost: US$14 billion[2]
  • Start Year:


The pipeline project would involve the construction of a pipeline across a 782-kilometre stretch of the province — from northern Ontario to the Energie Saguenay LNG Terminal. From there, the LNG will be shipped to overseas markets.[1]

GNL Québec is the company promoting the project, and Gazoduc inc. is the company developing the new infrastructure. They maintain that transforming the gas to liquid with hydroelectricity would make the project clean — but the economists say this is difficult to back up. In October 2019, forty economists signed an open letter stating their opposition to the project.[1]

As of October 2019, Quebec Environment Minister Benoît Charette said Tuesday the project is still subject to two consultations before the province's environmental review board, known as the BAPE, and that the project is not guaranteed to go ahead. He said GNL Québec and Gazoduc inc. will also have to show the project is economically viable.[1]

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