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Energie Sanuenay LNG Terminal is a proposed LNG terminal in Port Saguenay, Quebec, Canada. There had been no development updates since 2014 and the project was presumed to be cancelled, but developments in early 2020 suggest it may be re-proposed.


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Project Details

  • Parent: GNL Quebec (a subsidiary of Ruby River Capital LLC)[1]
  • Location: Port Saguenay, Quebec, Canada
  • Coordinates: 48.441644, -70.697435 (approximate)
  • Type: Export[1]
  • Trains: 2[1]
  • Capacity: 11 mtpa (5.5 mtpa per train)[1]
  • Status: Proposed[1]
  • Start Year: 2025[2]

Note: mtpa = million tonnes per year; bcfd = billion cubic feet per day


GNL Quebec has been developing the Énergie Saguenay Project since 2014, involving the construction of a natural gas liquefaction complex at Port Saguenay. The goal is to export 11 million tonnes of liquefied natural gas (LNG) per year, sourced from western Canada. The Project includes liquefaction equipment, storage facilities, and marine shipping infrastructures. The Project is worth an estimated US$7.2 billion and is slated to start operations in 2025. GNL Quebec aims to build the world’s first LNG facility of such magnitude to be powered by hydroelectricity from a preexisting local grid. The LNG complex will be installed on lands belonging to the Administration portuaire de Saguenay (Saguenay Port Authority), adjacent to the existing Grande-Anse port facilities. Natural gas supply will require a new gas pipeline linking the facility to the main transportation system in northeastern Ontario, making it possible to source gas from western Canada. Gazoduq inc. is the company developing the new infrastructure.[2]

There had been no progress on the project since 2014 and it was presumed to be cancelled, but in March 2020 Berkshire Hathaway announced that it would not be investing roughly $3 billion in the project. According to the report, the Berkshire Hathaway decision was linked to rail blockades opposing pipeline construction in British Columbia. Despite Berkshire Hathaway's decline, the announcement suggests that the project is still proposed.[3]

Furthermore, in May 2020 Quebec authorities announced that they would be launching a study into the proposal in September of 2020.[4]

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