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Essar Energy is a London-headquartered energy company with interests in the power generation and oil and gas industries. On its website the company states that it is "focused on India and positioned to capitalize on India’s rapidly growing energy demand". The company is 76% owned by Essar Group in India. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange. Essar Group, Essar Energy's parent company, owns Trinity Coal Corporation, which has operations in Kentucky.[1][2]

In June 2012 the U.S. EPA sued Essar Group alleging in a federal lawsuit that mountaintop removal mines in three counties dumped pollutants into tributaries of the Levisa Fork River in 2005 and 2007.[3]

The company states that it "currently has 8,070 MW of power generation projects under construction, with 2,910 MW to commence operations by FY 2012" and is expanding the Vadinar oil refinery.[2]

Coal powered projects under construction

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State Plant MW Annual CO2 (tons) Type Status Year
Bihar Pirpainti power station (Essar) 1800 10,644,661 Proposed
Gujarat Hazira II power plant 270 1,596,699 Construction
Gujarat Salaya I power plant 1200 7,096,441 Operating 2012
Gujarat Salaya II power plant 1200 7,096,441 Construction
Gujarat Salaya III power plant 600 3,548,220 Construction
Jharkhand Tori I power plant 1200 7,096,441 Construction
Jharkhand Tori II power plant 600 3,548,220 Construction
Madhya Pradesh Mahan I power plant 1200 7,096,441 Construction 2012
Madhya Pradesh Mahan II power plant 600 3,548,220 Proposed
Orissa Navabharat I power station 1050 6,209,386 Construction
Orissa Navabharat II power station 1200 7,096,441 Proposed
Orissa Pradip power plant 120 709,644 Construction

Coal mines

In its 2010 prospectus Essar Energy listed existing coal mines it had as being the:[4]

It also listed the Neptune mine in India as a project which it was seeking to complete the purchase of.

In its 2010 annual report Essar complained that "we are still awaiting forest clearance for our Mahan, Chakla and Ashok Karkata coal blocks which will provide fuel for the Mahan I and Tori power stations. This clearance is delaying the development of a number of coal blocks in India and as a result, an Empowered Group of Ministers was formed by the Prime Minister’s Office to resolve all cases where significant progress has been made on construction of the power plant. Despite a visit to our sites in July 2010 and a favourable recommendation, we have not yet received forest clearance."

"While we are optimistic of a favourable outcome, we will not be in a position to supply coal from our own mines ahead of the commissioning of the 1,200 MW Mahan I coal fired power project. The first unit of this power plant will commence commissioning in September 2011. We have therefore applied to Coal India Limited for tapering coal linkage until our own mines are operating at full capacity. We expect to receive this clearance shortly."[5]

Contact details

Registered office
Essar Energy plc
3rd Floor, Lansdowne House
57 Berkeley Square
London, W1J 6ER
Telephone: +44 (0)20 7408 7000

Head office
Essar Energy plc
6th Floor, DCDM Building
10 Frere Felix de Valois Street
Port Louis
Telephone: +230 202 3136
Phone: +44 (0) 207 408 8700

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