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Estrella del Mar III power station (Planta Estrella del Mar III) is a floating 145-megawatt (MW) gas-fired power station in Santo Domingo province, Dominican Republic.


The map below shows the approximate location of the power station in Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo province, Dominican Republic.

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Project Details

  • Sponsor: Transcontinental Capital[1][2]
  • Parent company: Seaboard Corporation[3]
  • Location: Santo Domingo, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic
  • Coordinates: 18.4699, -69.8796 (approximate)[1]
  • Gross generating capacity (operating[4]): 145 MW


Estrella del Mar III power station is one of Siemens Energy's SeaFloat vessels, described on their website as "a trailblazing, highly efficient floating power plant on a mobile, self-supporting barge."[6] Siemens considers Estrella del Mar III in the Ozama River of Santo Domingo to be so important due to the risks the city faces from sea level rise due to climate change.[6] Estrella del Mar III is powered by two SGT-800 gas turbines and one SST-600 steam turbine.[6]

In May 2021, the Dominican Ministry of the Environment rejected the request of Transcontinental Capital to operate both Estrella del Mar II and Estrella del Mar III on the Ozama River.[7][8] Transcontinental Capital was given a 24 month period to withdraw both barges from the Ozama River, during which time the Dominican Republic's electrical authorities were to be tasked with compensating for the loss of electrical production by the barges in accordance with resolution 0022-2021.[8] In response, Seaboard indicated that it planned to contest the Ministry of Environment's decision and would seek arbitration through all available channels, including international authorities.[8]

As of March 2022, despite the expected 2023 expiration date for the non-renewable environmental license granted to Estrella del Mar III by the Dominican Ministry of the Environment[7], the plant was reportedly in the hot commissioning phase.[9] The plant began commercial operations in May 2022[4][5] and was granted a definitive contract to continue operating by the Dominican government in August 2022.[10] In October 2022, the Dominican electrical authority SIE (Superintendencia de Electricidad) issued Resolution SIE-114-2022-PS, which authorized connection of the Estrella del Mar III power station to the national grid.[11]


In early 2021, environmentalists spoke out against both Estrella del Mar II and Estrella del Mar III due to concerns of the violation of law 64-00 which refers to water pollution in riverways.[12][13] Activists say that moving forward with these operations would be an "ecological crime".[12] Activists also stated the plant is incompatible with the tourist destination in addition to increasing contamination.[12]

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