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Fiona Wild is Vice President Environment and Climate Change at BHP Billiton. Wild has worked for BHP Billiton since October 2010, prior to which she worked for BP between October 2000 and September 2010 in various roles in the Perth area, London and Edinburgh.[1]

Comments on Carbon Capture and Storage

In a March 2005 presentation at a Grattan Institute seminar Wild stated that the third strand of BHP Billiton's approach to responding to the risk of climate change:[2]

"is technology. Technology and innovation have the potential to help all of us use energy more efficiently, develop large scale step-change technologies, like carbon capture and storage, scale up renewables and improve energy storage. But these technologies must be available at scale, lower cost, and much, much faster than the usual commercial timeframes to meet the challenge of climate change. Industry has a significant collaborative role to play with government, academia and community to facilitate this step-change. Since 2007 we’ve spent almost half-a-billion dollars on low emissions technology research, development and deployment across a number of projects ranging in complexity and scale."
"One example comes from our Illawarra coal asset in New South Wales. We implemented a project to capture fugitive methane emissions from our underground mining operations and used them generate power. This project was a partnership between government, business and academia. This type of collaborative effort allows us to combine investment and resources and helps to achieve outcomes more quickly. Working with others to leverage our investments underpins our support for CO2CRC ... as we believe this is one of the world’s foremost collaborative research organisations on carbon capture and storage. Our current focus is on building a long term road map for our investments, so we can play our part in accelerating global deployment of low emissions technologies. Although using technology to reduce our own emissions is vital, finding technologies that can reduce emissions form our customers’ use of our products offers a more material opportunity and why working in partnership across our supply chain is so important."

Career timeline

Wild's career time line includes:[1]

  • Vice President, Environment and Climate Change, BHP Billiton February 2013 – Present;
  • Senior Manager, Environment and Climate Change, BHP Billiton October 2010 – February 2013;
  • BP Environmental Affairs Manager, BP, February 2005 – September 2010;
  • BP HSE Manager, BP, June 2002 – February 2005; Perth Area, Australia;
  • BP Environmental Advisor, BP September 2001 – June 2002, London, United Kingdom
  • BP Environmental Advisor, BP October 2000 – September 2001 Edinburgh, United Kingdom.

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