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Galatia Mine is an underground coal mining operation in Galatia, Illinois, owned by Murray Energy Corporation.


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Mine Data

  • MSHA ID: 1102752
  • Owner: The American Coal Company
  • Parent company: Murray Energy
  • Location: Galatia, Illinois
  • GPS coordinates: 37.824317, -88.583459
  • 2018 Production (short tons): 1,298,457[1]
  • Type of coal: bituminous, high and mid-sulfur
  • Mine type: underground
  • Equipment:
  • Number of employees: 737 (2007)
  • Recoverable reserves:
  • Mine Status: Active


Although the Energy Information Administration and the U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration consider Galatia Mine to be just one mine, it operates out of two portals, which are listed on the Murray Energy website as separate mines. The New Future Mine operates in the Springfield No. 5 seam and produces mid-sulfur bituminous coal. The New Era Mine operates in the Herrin No. 6 seam and produces high-sulfur bituminous coal. Both are operated by the American Coal Company, a subsidiary of Murray Energy. The Galatia complex also includes a third portal, the Galatia North Portal, which is inactive. [2]

Since 2005, the Galatia mining complex in Saline County, Illinois has incurred over 2,700 citations and $2.4 million in proposed fines. However, a spokesman for the United Mining Workers organization said of Murray's record, "[G]enerally speaking, it's not particularly better or particularly worse than any other mine operator in the country."[3]

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