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Gerdau Midlothian Steel Mill, also known as Gerdau Chaparral Steel, is a 1753 TTPA electric steel plant in Midlothian, Texas, United States.[1] Gerdau Midlothian Steel Mill operates a electric arc furnace (EAF).


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Midlothian, Texas, United States.

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The Gerdau Midlothian Steel Mill began operating in 1975 as a joint partnership between TXI and Canada's Co-Steel International Ltd.[2] Later the mill was acquired by Gerdau Long Steel North America.

In 2021, Gerdau began the construction of a solar panel field next to the Gerdau Midlothian facility, which will comprise more than 231,000 solar panels that will power the steel mill. The project is expected to be completed in 2023.[3] After completion, it will have the potential to offset the emissions of more than 13,000 average Texas households.[4]

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