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Gerdau Saint Paul steel plant is a 502 TTPA electric steel plant operating in Saint Paul, MN, United States. The Gerdau Saint Paul steel plant operates an electric arc furnace (EAF).[1]


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Saint Paul, MN, United States.

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The plant was previously owned by Cargill Inc and began producing products in 1964; Gerdau SA bought it in 2004.[2]

In 2013, the plant underwent a $50 million upgrade.[3]

In 2019, the Gerdau Saint Paul facility was cited for air quality violations and was fined less than $5000.[4] In November 2019, there was also a fire at a debris pile outside the plant — no one was injured.[5]

In May 2020, the Gerdau Saint Paul steel plant idled some of its operations and downsized its workforce by 222 employees due to decreasing demand and profitability in the facility. Gerdau announced that it would relocate some of these employees to Gerdau's other locations, but made no specific statements.[3]

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