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The Green Steel Tracker aims to support decision makers in policy and industry, academia as well as civil society, by tracking public announcements of low-carbon investments in the steel industry and presenting them transparently in one place. The Green Steel Tracker was developed jointly by Stockholm Environmental Institute (SEI), the LeadIT Secretariat, and partnerships with Global Energy Monitor, Lund University, Agora Energiewende, Comillas Pontifical University, DIW Berlin, E3G, Europe Beyond Coal, IVL Swedish Environmental Research Institute, and the University of Stavanger.

GEM's Heavy Industry Program works with LeadIT and SEI to link the Global Steel Plant Tracker with the Green Steel Tracker. Information about green steel projects in the Green Steel Tracker are included on corresponding GEM steel plant wiki pages. Green steel projects in the Green Steel Tracker that are not associated with a specific steel plant are also included in GEM's wiki. All Green Steel Tracker project wiki pages can be found on the Green steel projects page.