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Hamburg-Moorburg power station (also called KW Moorburg, or Kohlekraftwerk Moorburg) is a 1,730-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power station that has been mothballed in the state of Hamburg, Germany.[1]


The map below shows the location of the power station in the state of Hamburg, Germany.

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The Hamburg-Moorburg power station, or KW Moorburg, was proposed in 2004 by its sponsoring company, Vattenfall, and approved internally in 2006. Construction began in 2007 on the site of the previous Moorburg gas power plant, which was demolished in 2004. It went into operation in 2015, costing a total of 3 billion Euros (originally proposed to cost 2.6 billion Euros) and emitted 8.7 million tons of CO2 annually.

During construction, there was strong opposition from the public regarding the project given its heavy emissions. In 2007, various organizations circulated a popular petition against the coal-fired power station, where the Senate and citizens were called upon to reject the construction of KW Moorburg. It received over 10,000 signatures. On September 30, 2008, Anja Hajduk, the then Senator for the Environment, gave Vattenfall the final permit to build the power plant, but with much stricter environmental conditions. Vattenfall then took legal action against this new permit as it made their construction costs more expensive. They received no compensation.

The power plant began supplying energy to the grid in 2015. In late 2020, Vattenfall announced that the plant was unprofitable and included the plant in Germany's first tender that would provide shut-down premiums, in line with Germany's coal phase-out scheme.[2] The bid was accepted, and in December 2020, the power plant was disconnected from the grid. In 2021, Vattenfall announced they would build a 100 MW facility on top of the deactivated Moorburg power plant that would be powered by 'green' hydrogen. According to the CNBC, hydrogen production could start in 2025.[3]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: Vattenfall Europe AG
  • Parent company: Vattenfall
  • Location: the state of Hamburg, Germany
  • Coordinates: 53.4900, 9.9517 (exact)
  • Coal type: Bituminous
  • Coal source: Imported
  • Gross generating capacity (mothballed): 1,730 MW
    • Unit A: Coal-fired ultra-super, 865 MW (start-up in 2015)
    • Unit B: Coal-fired ultra-super, 865 MW (start-up in 2015)

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