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Vattenfall is a major European energy company with major investments in hydro power stations in coal-fired power stations, nuclear reactors, hydropower and heat generation in Sweden, Finland, Norway, Denmark, Germany and Poland. Wind-power and biofuels account for less than 1% of the company's operations.

Power Station Interests

On its website Vattenfall states that 45% of its generating capacity is coal-powered, 33% is from nuclear plants and 21% from hydro stations.[1]

Coal power stations

In June 2015 Vattenfall completed the sale of its fossil-fuel assets in Denmark in line with group strategy to focus on a more sustainable energy production.[2]

Nuclear power stations

  • Ringhals in Sweden
  • Forsmark in Sweden

Biofuel and Waste

  • Myllykoski in Finland


  • Harsprånget in Sweden
  • Pamilo in Finland


  • Horns Rev in Denmark
  • Kentish Flats in England
  • Lillgrund in Sweden

Proposed projects

As of 2011, Vattenfall plans to open five new mines and to build a carbon capture and storage demonstration plant in Jänschwalde, at its Janschwalde power station. The 3,000 megawatt power plant is the third largest polluting plant in all of Europe, and was protested by Greenpeace and Oxfam in November 2011.[3]

PR & Lobbying Companies

In June 2008 PR Week reported that Gavin Anderson would provide advice to Vattenfall "covering UK media relationships and UK and European public policy" on its expansion into the UK energy market. "The Gavin Anderson account will be headed by Ken Cronin CEO, assisted by COO Deborah Walter and public policy director Andrew Silverman," David Quainton reported.[4]

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