Hauts de France II Gas Pipeline

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Hauts de France II Gas Pipeline is an operating gas pipeline running from Loon-Plage to Cuvilly in northern France.


The pipeline starts at the Dunkirk LNG Terminal in Loon-Plage on France's north coast and runs south through Pitgam, Nédon, and Corbie to the compressor station at Cuvilly, where it connects with the Arc de Dierrey Gas Pipeline.[1][2][3]

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Project Details

  • Owner: GRTgaz[4]
  • Parent company: Engie SA
  • Capacity: 13 billion cubic meters per year[5]
  • Length: 191 km / 119 miles[4][1]
  • Diameter: 36 inches (Loon-Plage to Pitgam), 48 inches (Pitgam to Cuvilly)[1][3]
  • Status: Operating[6]
  • Start Year: 2014[6]
  • Financing:


GRTgaz developed the Hauts de France II pipeline project as a means to transport natural gas from its newly launched Dunkirk LNG Terminal and enhance its existing natural gas network in northern France. Construction of the pipeline began in March 2012[7] and was completed in November 2014.[6]

The pipeline consists of four sections:

  • a 17 km, 36-inch section from the Dunkirk LNG Terminal to the Pitgam compressor station
  • a 51 km, 48-inch section from Pitgam to Nédon
  • a 71 km, 48-inch section from Nédon to Corbie
  • a 52 km, 48-inch section from Nédon to the Cuvilly compressor station[1]

The southernmost three sections, between Pitgam and Cuvilly, run parallel to the original Hauts de France pipeline, which was commissioned in 1996.[3]

At Cuvilly, the Hauts de France Pipeline links up with the Arc de Dierrey Gas Pipeline. Both pipelines, together with the Dunkirk LNG Terminal, are key elements of GRTgaz's long-term strategy to increase natural gas supply to France's North Zone while developing transmission interconnections with Belgium, Germany and Switzerland.[2][8]


The SciGrid combined IGG gas transmission network data set refers to the pipeline as INET_PL_244 and INET_PL_246.[9]

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