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Khouzestan Steel plant (شرکت فولاد خوزستان (‎Persian)) (also known as KSC) is a 3600-thousand tonnes per annum (ttpa) direct reduced iron-electric arc furnace (DRI-EAF) steel plant in Khuzestan, in Iran. Khouzestan Steel plant operates a direct reduced iron (DRI) and electric arc furnace (EAF).


The map below shows the exact location of the steel plant in Ahvaz, in Iran.

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The Khouzestan Steel plant, which began operating in 1989, is the first direct reduced iron and the first electric arc furnace plant in Iran.[1] In the late 2000s, the plant was affected by foreign sanctions in Iran which introduced financial restrictions and increased productions costs for the Khouzestan steel plant.[2]

According to ME Steel, the plant has installed desulfurization technology to reduce emissions.[3]

In 2020, the Khouzestan steel plant was used in a case study by Javad et. al. (published in the journal Sustainable Futures) in an effort to identify greener supply chains.[4]

In 2021, the Khouzestan Steel Company announced plans to build a nearby gas-fired power plant, the Kuzestan Steel Power Plant, which would cost $355.2 million and enter into commercial operation in 2024.[5] This gas plant will likely power production at the Khouzestan Steel Plant.

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