Lampunut coal project

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The Lampunut coal project is a proposed open cut metallurgical and thermal coal deposit which is included in the umbrella IndoMet Coal Project (previously referred to as the Maruwai coal project) of BHP-Billiton. The IndoMet Coal Project is held by a joint venture in which BHP Billiton is a 75% shareholder and a subsidiary of Adaro hold the remaining 25% share.[1]

BHP Billiton stated that as of the end of 2009 the deposit had 72 million tonnes in a total resource of 110 million tonnes of metallurgical coal. A further 10 million tonnes of thermal coal resource has been identified.[1]

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  • Dave Murray, President BHP Billiton Metallurgical Coal, Analysts and Investors Site Visit", Queensland, June 2, 2005. (See slides 62-68 "BHP Billiton Maruwai Coal Project" for an overview of the proposed project).

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