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The Liveringa Coal Project is a notional coal project in north-west western Australia which has been touted by Rey Resources as a possible underground coal mine.[1]

Project details

On its website Rey Resources states that "The Liveringa Coal Project is located approximately 60 kilometres along strike to the west of the Duchess Coal Project. Previous drilling was undertaken by Thiess and AIE in the 1970s who reported an average Upper Seam thickness of 3m at depths of 20-300m and along a strike distance of approximately 9kms. The coal in this area is believed to dip around 20 degrees and led to the commissioning of a feasibility study on an underground operation at Liveringa. The study concluded that an economic coal operation was not viable at that time, when prevailing export thermal coal prices were around US$30-$40 per tonne and regional markets were much less developed. Thermal coal prices contract prices were US$100-125 per tonne in 2008, having reached US$200 per tonne earlier during the year. Only preliminary drilling was undertaken in 2008 which identified an Upper Seam of approximately three metres thick and a Lower, contiguous but banded coal measure of up to 30 metres thick. The seams dip to the south at approximately 25 degrees."[1]

There was no specific mention of the Liveringa project in the company's September 2012 quarterly activities report.[2]

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