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Llanos Oil Pipeline is an oil pipeline in Colombia, known as Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales in Spanish.


Collecting oil from the Rubiales, Quifa, and Pirirí oil fields, the Llanos Oil Pipeline runs from the Rubiales pumping station in Meta department to the Monterrey and CFP Cusiana stations in Casanare department, from where it can be transported to Coveñas, Sucre for export.[1][2][3]

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Project Details

  • Operator: Oleoducto de los Llanos Orientales S.A. (ODL)[4]
  • Owner: Cenit SAS (65%)[5][6][7], PIL-Pipeline Investment Ltd (35%)[8]
  • Parent company: Ecopetrol SA (65%)[5][9][10], Frontera Energy Corporation (35%)[8]
  • Current capacity: 305,000 bpd[9]
  • Length: 260 km[8][9]
  • Diameter: 24 inches[4]
  • Status: Operating
  • Start Year: 2009[2]


The pipeline, originally launched as a joint venture between Ecopetrol and Pacific Rubiales[11], was commissioned in 2009 and cost an estimated US$560 million.[2] Ecopetrol remains the pipeline's majority shareholder, with a 65% stake[10], while the remaining 35% is controlled by Pacific Midstream Limited, a subsidiary of Canada's Frontera Energy Corporation.[8][12][13]

The pipeline was affected by a drop in oil production in May 2021 due to weeks of protests.[14]

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