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Medicine Bow Fuel & Power is a subsidiary of DKRW Advanced Fuels, a company which aims to develop coal-to-liquid fuel projects which has Arch Coal as one of its major shareholders.

Medicine Bow Fuel & Power is proposing to build the Medicine Bow Project, a coal-to-liquids project in Carbon County, Wyoming, USA. In a media release the company states that "the project will use Carbon Basin coal via intermediate methanol to produce gasoline that meets critical energy needs in an environmentally responsible manner."[1]

In the wake of the late 2008 financial market meltdown DKRW Energy's chairman, Bob Kelly, told Reuters that "things have tightened up" and that companies proposing coal-to-liquids projects would have to go back to the drawing boards. In the wake of the banking industry collapse and dramatic drop in share prices, the oil price dropped from over $145 a barrel to $75 a barrel. "Everybody's got to evaluate their positions ... We have to wait to see how the capital markets evolve," Kelly said.[2]

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