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Miami University's Steam Plant in Oxford, Ohio, is located behind Peabody Hall on Western campus, and supplies the University with all of its steam through burning coal. In October 2007 the University spent $17 million to comply with tightening emissions legislation within the EPA's Clean Air Act, such as installing scrubbers to lessen sulfur dioxide emissions.[1]

To dispose of waste from the plant, the University has been talking to a company called N-Viro about taking fly ash from the burnt coal and mixing it with coal sludge to form a fertilizer for farmers.[1] The EPA is currently considering whether to designate coal ash as a hazardous waste.[2]

Students have formed the Miami University Copenhagen Committee to urge the school to transition away from coal and lessen its greenhouse gas emissions.[3] University officials say coal is used because it is cheaper.[1]

On April 4, 2011, Miami University President David Hodge announced the official sustainability goal of the University includes the gradual phase out of burning coal with a target sunset date of 2025.[4]



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