Opposition to existing coal plants

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Organizing efforts at existing coal plants

Salem Harbor Station

Somerset Power Generating Station

Other plants that have been the subject of organizing or litigation

  • Crawford Generating Station (Illinois)
  • Fisk Generating Station (Chicago)
  • Navajo Generating Station (Arizona)
  • Boardman Plant (Oregon)
  • J.E. Corette Plant (Montana)
  • Valmont Plant (Colorado)
  • Cherokee Station (Colorado)
  • Dickerson Plant (Maryland)
  • Northampton (Pennsylvania)
  • Kingston Plant (Tennessee)
  • Hardin Generating Station (Montana)
  • Charter St. (Wisconsin)
  • Capitol Heat and Power (Wisconsin)
  • Wabash River Generating Station (Indiana)
  • Pleasants Power Station (West Virginia)
  • Sherburne County Plant (Minnesota)
  • John Amos Plant (West Virginia)
  • Elmer Smith Station (Kentucky)
  • Eddystone Generating Station (Pennsylvania)
  • Dave Johnston Power Plant (Wyoming)
  • Bruce Mansfield Power Station (Pennsylvania)
  • Coal Creek Station (North Dakota)
  • Chesterfield Power Station
  • Reid Gardner Plant (Nevada)



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