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Mokau South Resources (MSR) is a privately owned, unlisted company, which holds coal mining licence no 37089 covering a site on the Panirau Plateau located in the Mokau River Catchment within the Taranaki province in the North Island of New Zealand. MSR is currently (Dec 2015) seeking to obtain resource consents so that it may establish an opencast, thermal coal mine (Panirau) on the plateau.

Corporate background

Company information[1]
Company number: 46096
Incorporation date: 19 Jun 1947
Change of name: On 26 November 1990 the name of Ohura Timber and Coal Products Limited was changed to Mokau South Resources Limited.[2]
Registered office: 41 Hibiscus Coast Highway, Silverdale, 0932


  • Ian Ronald Sampson, Auckland 2010
  • Murray John Sampson, Silverdale 0932

Total no of shares: 55292


76.08% Sydney investments Ltd Silverdale 0932
9.04% Kevin & Dulcie SAMPSON Katikati
7.96% Verna HARRISON USA
2.37% Susanne WHEELDON NSW
2.37% Judith SAMPSON Silverdale, AK
2.17% Robert SENGLEMAN USA

Ultimate holding company:
Ian Ronald SAMPSON
1/31 Eastern Beach Rd, Eastern Beach, MANUKAU 2012
Registered 03 July 2015

Permit details

Details of Mokau South Resources permit are:[3]
Record 37089
Coal Mining Licence
Tier: 2
Area (hectares): 743
Operation Name: Mokau
Granted Under Act: Coal Mines Act 1979
Duration: 25 years and 11 months
Commencement Date: 09/11/1990
Expiry Date: 01/10/2016
Mining method: Opencast coal
Permit changes:
37089.01 Application for minerals permit 22/02/1985 Approved
37089.02 Change to a minerals permit 25/01/2011 Approved

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