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Mytilineos ia s major Greek company with interests in mining and smelting, energy, construction and the vehicle industry.[1]

Energy Interests

In 2007 Mytilineos formed a joint venture with Endesa Europa, Endesa Hellas. On it's website "the new company activities include construction, development and operation of thermal energy stations (natural gas and clear coal technology), renewable energy sources (wind farms, hydroelectric and photovoltaic parks), as well as electricity and CO2 emissions trade. The gradual entry in the retail market is also foreseen, as soon as the appropriate conditions are formed in the Greek market."[2]

Proposed Coal-Fired Power Stations

Agios Nikolaos Power Station in Beotia is proposed by Mytilineos and Endesa, which have formed a joint venture company named Endesa Hellas, to have an installed capacity of 600 megawatts; the estimated cost is 890 million euros. A securities analyst reported in May 2007 that the company had submitted an application for a power generation license.[3] In July 2007, Endesa Hellas reported that the company aimed to have the "clean coal" plant online by the first half of 2013. (It also flagged that plans for a "clean coal" plant of unstated capacity were under development for a location in Albania).[4]

Contact details

Mytilineos Holdings
5-7 Patroklou Str. 151 25 Maroussi,
Athens Greece,
Tel.: 2106877300
Fax: 2106877400
Ε-mail: info At

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