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Nazarovskaya power station (Nazarovo, Назаровская ГРЭС) is a 1,373-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant, which is in Nazarovo town, Krasnoyarsk territory.

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Background on Plant

The seven-unit, 1,373-MW coal-fired Nazarovskaya power station is owned by TGC-13, which in turn is owned by SUEK.[1]

The plant’s seven units were brought online between 1961 and 1968.[2][3][4]

Unit 7 was built already in 1968 with design capacity of 500MW, but could not achieve its projected capacity for 50 years.[1] Over 2011-2013 the unit was rebuilt, achieving initial capacity of 415 MW, this was stepped up to 433MW and later to 498MW, thanks to auxiliary equipment and technical adjustments.[5]

In November 2020 a refurbishment of Units 1-6 was completed which increased their overall capacity by 65 MW.[6]

In March 2022, one of the five pipes of the pulverizing plant collapsed at the station. Its replacement was scheduled to take place later on in 2022. There were no injuries due to this incident.[7]

The power plant produced 2,599 million kWh of electricity in 2021, in 2020 generation was 2,560 million kWh.[8]

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: TGC-13 (OJSC Yenisei TGC)
  • Parent company: SUEK
  • Location: Nazarovo town, Krasnoyarsk territory, Russia
  • Coordinates: 56.038956, 90.345601 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross capacity: 1,373 MW[1]
    • Units 1: 145 MW[1]
    • Units 2-6: 146 MW[1]
    • Unit 7: 498 MW[1]
  • Type: Subcritical (Units 1-6); Supercritical (Unit 7)
  • In service: Units 1-6: 1961-68; Unit 7: 2014
  • Coal type: Lignite
  • Coal source: Nazarovsky coal mine, Borodinsky coal mine
  • Source of financing:

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