New Creek mine

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New Creek mine is an opencast sub-bituminous coal mine northeast of Westport on the West Coast of the South Island. The mine is owned by New Creek Mining.

The point below is only for the approximate area of the mine,

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Project Details

Location: Northeast of Westport on the West Coast of the South Island
Coordinates: -41.763678,172.030703
Coalfield: Buller
Historical background:
Current owner: New Creek Mining[1]
Status: Operating
Production capacity:
Estimated recoverable reserves:
Mining technique:
Type of coal: Bituminous – high sulfur (4.4%)[2]
Solid fuel calorific value (gross) 23.93 MJ/kg (Range for NZ coal 15.25–31.95 MJ/kg)[3]
Market information: Environmental and/or health & safety issues:

Articles and Resources


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