New Neyveli Thermal Power Station

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The New Neyveli Thermal Power Station is a 1,000 megawatt lignite-fired thermal power station in Tamil Nadu, India.

The plant is planned to replace the 1,020 megawatt Neyveli Thermal Power Station I .


The power station is being constructed near Neyveli village in Cuddalore district.

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Lignite for the power project is being supplied from the Neyveli lignite mine, which is owned and operated by NLC.[1]

On its website NLC states that the anticipated phase out of Neyveli Thermal Power Station I between 2009 and 2014 is "due to ageing of the plant". On its website NLC states that:

"it has been proposed to set up a power plant at Neyveli with a capacity of 2 x 500 MW, for which MOC has accorded sanction for the advance action proposals including for carrying out certain studies in respect of augmentation of existing mines. Preliminary activities such as preparation of Feasibility Report, Environmental studies, Contour Survey and Soil investigation study are in progress. Our company has initiated action for obtaining Mega Power Project status for this project so as to avail certain concessional duties. The estimated cost of the power project is Rs. 5000 crores."[2]

In January 2014, NLC said the power station would be commissioned in 2017-2018.[3]

In December 2016, and March 2017 the India Ministry of Power listed the scheduled commissioning of the plant for 2018.[4][5]

On December 28, 2018, NLC India conducted the boiler light-up test for the first unit, an initial step toward commissioning.[6]

Unit 1 was commissioned in September 2019.[7] Unit 2 was commissioned in February 2021.[8]


In April 2012, the State Bank of India agreed to provide the project with a US$490 million loan.[9]

Project Details

Sponsor: NLC India Limited, formerly Neyveli Lignite Corporation
Location: Neyveli village, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu
Coordinates: 11.5470552, 79.4428897 (exact)
Status: Operating

  • Unit 1: 500 MW
  • Unit 2: 500 MW

Start year: 2019 (Unit 1), 2021 (Unit 2)
Coal Type: Lignite
Coal Source: Neyveli Lignite mine
Estimated annual CO2: 5,913,701
Source of financing: US$490 million in debt from the State Bank of India[9]
Permits and applications: Environmental Clearance, India MoEF, October 21, 2010

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