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The NextGen Energy Council describes itself as "a non-profit collaborative of industry, Western and Great Plains Governors, academic institutions, financial leaders, conservation groups and others involved in the development and deployment of advanced clean-coal technologies." [1]

The Council's founder and senior advisor is Jim Sims, a Colorado-based PR professional with the firm Policy Communications, who has overseen the development of a series of coalitions and front groups arguing for policies beneficial to the energy industry. [2] The Council shares the same mailing address with several of Sims' other groups, including Partnership for America [3], the Western Business Roundtable [4] and Americans for American Energy [5].

A 2008 study released by the Council warned that the United States "faces potentially crippling electricity brownouts and blackouts beginning in the summer of 2009," while "opposition of well-funded environmental groups that oppose and file lawsuits against virtually every new infrastructure project proposed." [6]


In addition to Jim Sims, Council personnel include Board chair Bob Hanfling and Executive director Bonnie Turner. [7]

The Council's website says its Board of Directors includes representatives from Alstom, American Coalition for Clean Coal Electricity, APS/Pinnacle West, Arch Coal, Babcock & Wilcox, Evergreen Energy, Intermountain Rural Electric Association (IREA), Montana Dakota Utilities, PacifiCorp / MidAmerican Energy, Peabody Energy, Tri-State Generation and Transmission Association, and Xcel Energy. [8]

The Council's 2006 IRS report names as Directors Stan Lewandoskoi of IREA, John Castleberry of MDU Resources Group, Ron Harper of Basin Electric Power Cooperative, Kelly Mader of Peabody Energy and Terry Ross of CEED. [9]


The Council reported $83,000 in "direct public support" in 2006, and $24,421 in expenses. The vast majority of the expenses -- $22,163 -- went towards "printing and publications." [9]

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NextGen Energy Council
200 Union Boulevard
Suite 105
Lakewood, CO 80228

Phone: 303-577-4627
Fax: 303-496-0334
Email: info AT

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