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North Dakota Pipeline System, also known as Enbridge Pipeline North Dakota (EPND), is an operating oil pipeline system in the United States.[1][2]


The pipeline runs from oil fields in the Williston Basin to other refineries and pipelines, ending in Clearbrook, Minnesota.[3]

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Project details

  • Operator: Enbridge[1]
  • Owner: North Dakota Pipeline Company LLC[4][5]
  • Parent company: Enbridge[4]
  • Capacity: 165,000 bpd
  • Length: 620 mi[2]
    • An additional 330 mi of gathering pipelines is within the system, as well[2]
  • Oil source: Williston Basin in Montana and North Dakota
  • Status: Operating[2]
  • Start year:


The North Dakota Pipeline Company (NDPL) system is a 950-mile (1530 km) crude oil pipeline system that collects oil from fields in the Williston Basin of eastern Montana and western North Dakota (North Dakota System) and transports it eastward to the Mandan Refinery in Mandan, North Dakota and to other pipeline systems that carry oil to other refineries in the Midwest. The system ends east in Clearbrook, Minnesota, where there is a junction with Enbridge's Lakehead System and the Minnesota Pipeline System. The pipelines also connects to a Canadian pipeline system owned by Enbridge at North Dakota's border with Saskatchewan.[5]


The system includes the following Enbridge pipelines.[5] The individual pipelines are described in Enbridge's published documentation of energy assets.[6]

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  • Line 84
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