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POSCO Pohang steel plant, also known as Pohang Iron & Steel, is a 17400 thousand tonnes per annum (TTPA) blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF) steel plant operating in Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea.


The map below shows the location of the steel plant in Pohang, North Gyeongsang, South Korea.

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  • Location: 6262, Donghaean-ro, Nam-gu, Pohang-si, Gyeongsangbuk-do, Republic of Korea[1]
  • Coordinates (WGS 84): 36.009310, 129.394508 (exact)


Construction of the Pohang plant began on 01 April, 1970 and became operational on 03 July, 1973 with a capacity of 1.03 mtpa. After four phases of expansions, the crude steel capacity increased to 9.1 mtpa by 1983.[2] On 29 December, 2021, the blast furnace 1 was permanently shut down. The company announced its plan to turn the furnace into a museum. The plant continues to operate with the remaining three blast furnaces.[3]

POSCO has formulated a 2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap, outlining strategies in three core areas: Green process, Green product, and Green Partnership. The goal is to reduce carbon emissions 30% by 2035, 50% by 2040 from average emissions benchmark of 78.8 million tons between 2017-19, and to achieve carbon neutrality by 2050.[4]

On 06 September, 2022, various facilities at the plant was affected during Typhoon Hinnamnor, leading to shutting down of the plant temporarily.[5] The plant resumed operations 135 days after the flood.[6][7]

2050 Carbon Neutrality Roadmap

POSCO is building a first of its kind pilot plant that use fluidized bed reduction reactors (HyREX), developed in collaboration with Primetals Technologies. The construction of the pilot plant with a capacity of 300 ttpa was expected to begin in June 2023.[8]The facility is scheduled for completion in 2026 or early 2027. With HyREX, hydrogen-based direct reduced iron produced will be melted in an electric smelting furnace to produce steel.[9][10] POSCO intends to break ground with a full-scale hydrogen-based steelmaking plants by 2031.[11] POSCO Pohang Works plans to replace its existing production methods with HyREX in 2033.[12][13]

POSCO is also planning to invest in an electric furnace (EAF) each for its Pohang and Gwangyang steelworks. The expansion project is expected to produce 2.5 million tonnes of hot metal annually with the aim of achieving carbon neutrality. The news article from May 2023, mentioned that it was unlikely that annual crude steel production will increase from the two facilities. Operations were scheduled to start from 2025.[14]

Under the company's 2050 carbon neutrality roadmap POSCO plans to phase-out traditional blast furnace technology by 2050 and adopt renewable and green hydrogen-based steelmaking technology in its plants in South Korea.[15][16] POSCO plans to develop the hydrogen reduction steel plant by reclaiming land from sea which is expected to be completed by 2041 and begin full operation of hydrogen reduction steel facility by 2050.[17]

POSCO is expanding the highly polluting blast furnace technology overseas to India and Indonesia.[16] Until 2050, POSCO plans on adopting blast furnace-based bridge technologies.[18]

Low-emissions/green steelmaking

This steel plant is associated with green steel projects tracked in the Green Steel Tracker. Details about the projects are included below.

  • Company: POSCO
  • Stated company climate target for 2030: 20% reduction (baseline undefined)
  • Stated company climate target for 2050: carbon neutrality
  • Location: South Korea
  • Coordinates: -20.309300, 118.610570 (approximate)
  • Project name: HyREX
  • Project website: https://magazine.primetals.com/2022/08/31/hyrex-demonstration-plant-from-posco-and-primetals-technologies/
  • Project scale: full scale
  • Technology category: H-DR
    • Specific technology: H-DR (similar to FINEX)
    • Hydrogen type: Not stated
  • Year online: 2030
  • Size (m USD): Not stated
  • Steel production capacity (Mtpa): Not stated
  • Iron production capacity (Mtpa): Not stated
  • Hydrogen capacity generation (MW): Not stated
  • Carbon capture capacity (Mtpa CO2): Not stated
  • Partners: Primetals Technologies
  • Date of announcement: 8/4/2022

All references for the above data are available in the Green Steel Tracker.

Plant Details

Table 1: General Plant Details

Plant status Start date Workforce size Coal source
operating[19] 1973[20] 5500[21] Tanoma coal mine[22]

Table 2: Ownership and Parent Company Information

State-owned entity status State-owned entity department Parent company Parent company PermID Owner Owner company PermID
partial[23] National Pension Service 12.06%, Treasury Stock 8.11%[23] Posco [100%][24] 4295881204 [100%] Posco[24] 4295881204

Table 3: Process and Products

Steel product category Steel products Steel sector end users ISO 14001 ISO 50001 Main production equipment Detailed production equipment
finished rolled[25] hot rolled steel, plate, wire rod, cold rolled steel, galvanized steel, electric galvanized steel, stainless steel, titanium[25] automotive; building and infrastructure; energy; steel packaging; tools and machinery; transport[25] yes[26] yes[26] blast furnace (BF) and basic oxygen furnace (BOF)[20] Corex BF-DRI plant (C-2000, 0.8 MTPA, began in Nov. 1995); 2 FINEX plants (FINEX No. 2 Plant (F-1.5M, 1.5 MTPA, began in 2007), FINEX No. 3 (F-2.0M, 2.0 MTPA, began in 2014), FINEX Demo plant (shut down in 2014)); 3 BOF (began in 1973 (79m3); 1978 (250m3); 2011 (300m3))[27][28][29][30][31][32][33][20][34]

Table 4: Crude Steel Production Capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):

Basic oxygen furnace steelmaking capacity Nominal crude steel capacity (total)
17400 TTPA[35][36] 17400 TTPA

Table 5: Crude Iron Production Capacities (thousand tonnes per annum):

Blast furnace capacity Nominal iron capacity (total)
15000 TTPA[37] 15000 TTPA

Table 6: Actual Crude Steel Production by Year (thousand tonnes per annum):

Year BOF Production EAF Production OHF Production Total (all routes)
2021 16900 TTPA[38] 16900 TTPA

Blast Furnace Details

Table 7: Blast Furnace Details:

Unit name Status Start date Stop date Current size Current capacity Decarbonization technology
1 mothballed[39][29] June 1973[39][29] 2021[39][29] 1660 m³[40] 1300 TTPA[29] Top gas captured to fuel power plant[41]
2 operating[42] 1987[42] 2025[43] 5600 m³[44] 5000 TTPA[37] Top gas captured to fuel power plant; Upgraded in 2016 to an "eco-friendly" AI smart furnace, with little specific information about how the use of AI will reduce emissions.[41][45]
3 operating[42] 1978[42] 2025[27][28][29][30][31][32][46][33][20] 5600 m³[44] 5000 TTPA[37] Top gas captured to fuel power plant; Upgraded in 2017 to an "eco-friendly" smart furnace, with little specific information about how the use of AI will reduce emissions.[41][47]
4 operating[42] October 2010[42] 2025[27][28][29][30][31][32][46][33][20] 5600 m³[27][28][29][30][31][32][46][33][20] 5000 TTPA[37] Top gas captured to fuel power plant[41]

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