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Port Metro Vancouver (legally Vancouver Fraser Port Authority) is a non-shareholder, financially self-sufficient corporation established by the Government of Canada in January 2008, pursuant to the Canada Marine Act, and accountable to the federal Minister of Transport. It is the principal authority for shipping and port-related land and sea use in the Metro Vancouver region.[1]


According to Rising Tide Vancouver, Port Metro Vancouver (PMV) is a federal agency whose mandate is to operate in the best interest of Canadians, but it is actually a member of the Coal Association of Canada.[2]

Coal Terminals

Port Metro Vancouver includes the following terminals that handle coal:

Coal handling

In 2015 Port Metro Vancouver handled 138 million tonnes (Mt) of cargo, down one per cent from 2014. The movement of thermal coal dropped 21 per cent to just over 9.1 Mt. No coal was shipped to China, compared to 1.3 Mt in 2014 and 1.7 Mt in 2013. More than 5 Mt of metallurgical coal was still shipped to China through Port Metro Vancouver in 2015, but even that was down 29 per cent from 2014. Thermal coal exports to South Korea and Japan also decreased by 17 and 27 per cent, respectively.[3]



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