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Reftinskaya GRES power station (Рефтинская ГРЭС) is a 3,800-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant in Sverdlovsk province, Russia.


The undated satellite photo below shows the plant, which is near Reftinsky, in Sukhoy Log district, Sverdlovsk province.

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Background on Plant

Reftinskaya GRES, the largest thermal power plant in Russia, is a ten-unit, 3,800-MW coal-fired power plant in Sverdlovsk province. Construction on the plant began in 1963; the first six 300-MW units came online in 1970-75, and the remaining four 500-MW units came online in 1977-80. In 2014, the plant was owned by the Fifth Generation Company of the Wholesale Electricity Market (OGK-5), which in turn is majority-owned by Italian energy company Enel.[1][2][3]

In April 2016, it was reported that Enel SpA was evaluating the sale of the plant due to the end of the subsidies that apply in the first 10 years for a new unit as well as the weakness of the Russian economy.[4] As of January 2018, Enel had received bids from three companies to purchase the plant.[5] In April 2018, Enel said that it hoped to close a deal to sell the plant by mid-2018.[6]

In August 2016, a complete failure of the coupling capacitator resulted in the plant shutting down entirely, cutting power to large parts of Siberia; there were no injuries.[7]

In September 2018 Enel announced that it was attempting to sell the plant to the Siberian Generating Company (SGK) by the end of 2018.[8] In June 2019 Enel agreed to sell the plant to the Siberian Generating Company (SGK), which is owned by the Siberian Coal Energy Company (SUEK), for 21 billion rubles.[9] In November 2019 the sale was completed with a transfer of ownership to Kuzbassenergo JSC, a subsidiary of Siberian Generating Company LLC, for 16.7 billion rubles.[10] The sale marks the departure of Russia's biggest foreign-owned utilities company from the Russian coal power market.[11]

In December 2020 Unit 1 was selected for the COMMod program for updating energy generation equipment. Unit 1 will be fitted with new boilers and pipes and its capacity will be increased from 300 MW to 315 MW.[12] In June 2021, SGK announced that it planned to invest RUR 9 billion toward modernization efforts at the Reftinskaya GRES power station.[13]

In July 2021, Reftinskaya GRES power station completed a pilot combustion using mixed coal types. They confirmed that the power station could run on a mixture of Kuzbass coal and Ekibastuz coal.[14][15]


In June 2022, it was reported that the station was undergoing modernization. The program is designed for 3 years and started in 2021. By June 2022, an overhaul of unit #4 was completed, which included refurbishing of the old turbine and boiler (without replacement). There are several issues that the modernization is encountering, which include import substitution/shortage of imported components and increase in the cost of materials. For unit 1, the turbine and generator are expected to be replaced.[16]

Description of Expansion

The RAO UES 2006-10 five-year plan (from before the restructuring of RAO UES), which RAO management approved in January 2007, lists as a long-term project the addition of a 660-MW eleventh coal-fired unit at Reftinskaya, with a completion date of 2012.[17] Enel OGK-5, in its most recent annual report and on its website, makes no mention of any other projects at Reftinskaya GRES other than the renovation of Units 1-6 and the installation of dry ash removal units.[1][18] It would appear that this project has been cancelled.

Plant Details

  • Sponsor: Kuzbassenergo JSC
  • Parent company: Siberian Generating Company
  • Location: Near Reftinsky, in Sukhoy Log district, Sverdlovsk province, Russia
  • Coordinates: 57.11099, 61.70614 (exact)
  • Status: Operating
  • Gross capacity: 3,800 MW (Units 1-6: 300 MW; Units 7-10: 500 MW)
  • Type: Supercritical
  • In service: 1970-80
  • Coal type: Bituminous
  • Coal source: Ekibastuz coal
  • Source of financing:

Project Details for Unit 11 Expansion

  • Sponsor: Enel
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Gross Capacity: 660 MW
  • Type:
  • Projected in service: N/A
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Ekibastuz coal
  • Source of financing:

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