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Shantou Port is a natural river seaport on the coast of the city of Shantou, Guangdong Province, People's Republic of China. It is one of the major coastal ports in China, with shipping lines to 272 ports of 58 countries for import/export cargos. It is composed of eight port areas: the Old Port Area (老港区), the Zhuchi Port Area (珠池港区) - the main port area as of 2013 - the Mashan Port Area (马山港区), the Guang'ao Port Area (广澳港区), the Haimen Port Area (海门港区), the Nan'ao Port Area (南澳港区), the Rongjiang Port Area (榕江港区), and the Tianxin Port Area (天心港区).


The port is located in the estuary of the Rongjiang river, opening to the South China Sea

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Shantou Port Group was converted from Shantou Port Authority in 1999. The Group's business covers loading/unloading, warehousing, transshipment, tally of containers, coal, mines, cereals and bulk, shipping and cargo agency, supply of oil and water for ships, repair and maintain for ships, dredging, etc. Shantou Port has five port areas, including Zhuchi, Guang’ao, Mashan,Queshi and the old port area. There are total 28 operational berths with a capacity of 14.17 million tons, among which 11 are deep water berths of over 10,000 tons.[1]

In 2012, the port had 86 berths, with a throughput of 45 million tonnes of cargo.[2] The port includes a 150,000-tonne coal dock.[3][4]

In 2016, almost 70% of the coal transferred via the Shantou Port was sent to the Huaneng Shantou Power Plant. However, in 2016, the Huaneng Group announced it would switch coal suppliers for economic and environmental protection reasons.[5]

Shantou Port Haimen Terminal Zone Huaneng Coal Transit Base Project

In 2012, the Chinese government approved a US$390 million coal transportation project at Shantou Port. The Shantou Port Haimen Terminal Zone Huaneng Coal Transit Base Project will transform or construct four loading and unloading berths for coal shipments with a combined annual throughput capacity of 22.7 million tons (20.6 million tonnes), 96.4 percent of which will be for unloading coal shipments. The project includes two 70,000-DWT (deadweight ton) coal unloading berths, including one built from scratch and the other built at an existing site. The project will also include a 50,000 DWT coal loading berth and a smaller multi-purpose berth with 3,000 DWT capacity. Funding is 30 percent capital contributions and 70 percent bank loans. The minority stakeholders are China Power Investment Group and Shantou Port Group Corp, each with 20 percent.[6]

However, there has been no public update on the status of this project since 2012.

Details for Proposed Project

  • Operator: Shantou Port Group
  • Location: Shantou, Guangdong province, China
  • Coal Capacity (Tonnes per year): 20 million
  • Status: Construction/Shelved
  • Type: Imports
  • Coal source:
  • Financing: 30% capital contributions, 70% bank loans; China Power Investment (20% ownership)

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