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The South Galilee Project is a coal project located near Alpha in Queensland's Galilee Basin. The project is being proposed by Australian exploration company Bandanna Energy, which has private equity firm AMCI as a 50% partners. If approved the project could operate for 33 years.[1]

The expansion relies on third party access to a new railway to Abbot Point Coal Terminal, port capacity at Abbot Point and the provision of an external power and water supply in conjunction with the other southern Galilee Basin mining proponents.[1]

The first part of the extraction will be by surface mining methods. Underground operations would be started in the second phase of the project. This would be by long-wall mining methods.[2]

There are concerns from graziers and environmentalists of the potential impact on groundwater of this mine, especially in conjunction with the other mines proposed for the Galilee Basin.[3]


The South Galilee coal project is proposed close to Alpha in central Queensland, Australia.[4]

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Coal Mine Background

At present there is no mining in the Galilee Basin. The opening of Adani's Carmichael Coal Project would change this and could mean that a number of the other proposals in the area are also advanced, including the South Galilee coal project. The Queensland Resources Council has said the projects other than the Carmichael mine would have a "much easier run" if the rail line was already established and the environmental approvals had been cleared for Carmichael.[5]

In July 2015 the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection accepted the Environmental Management Plans.[6]

The Queensland Coordinator-General approved the project on 2 December 2014. The project still has to receive the necessary federal approvals.[3]

Bandanna was placed in Voluntary Administration on 22 September 2014 due to deterioration of coal markets and delayed approvals for its Springsure Creek Coal Project, preventing the company raising funds to meet take-or-pay obligations at the Wiggins Island Coal Export Terminal. The Company's shares have been suspended from trading on the Australian Stock Exchange.

Macquarie Capital (Australia) Ltd has been engaged by Bandanna to conduct a process to consider recapitalisation, restructure or asset sales options for all or part of the Company and its subsidiaries. Macquarie is currently seeking formal expressions of interest from potential investor parties.[7]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: AMCI (Alpha) and Alpha Coal[7]
  • Parent Company: AMCI and Bandanna Energy[7]
  • Location: Alpha, Queensland, Australia
  • GPS Coordinates: -23.720462, 146.391096 (exact) [4]
  • Status: Proposed
  • Production Capacity: 19 mtpa[2]
  • Total Resource: In excess of 1179 million tonnes[8]
  • Minable Reserves: 447 million tonnes [2]
  • Coal type: Thermal[1]
  • Mine Size: 31 000 ha lease with mining activities on 11520 ha[9]
  • Mine Type: Underground longwall mining and surface mining[1]
  • Start Year:
  • Source of Financing:

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