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The Stanwell Corporation is a Queensland Government owned corporation which owns and operates two major coal-fired power stations as well as a number of smaller hydro and gas-fired power stations in Queensland. In its 2009 annual report the corporation stated that it "trades more than 30% of Queensland’s electricity requirements."[1]

Existing Coal-Fired power stations

The corporation operates two maje coal-fired power stations. These are:

  • the Stanwell power station in Central Queensland which has an installed capacity of 1,400 MW; and
  • the Gladstone power station in Central Queensland which has an installed capacity of 1,680 MW but is described as a "wholesale trader only".

Proposed coal-fired power stations

The Stanwell Corporation is listed as a partner in the Wandoan Power Project, a proposed 400 megawatt integrated gasification combined-cycle (IGCC) power station in Queensland which proposes to incorporate "90% carbon (CO2) capture and storage (CCS). In July 2009 GE Energy announced that it had "submitted a full project proposal to the Queensland and Australian federal governments as well as the Australian Coal Association" earlier that year.[2]


Contact details

Postal Address: GPO Box 773,
Brisbane QLD 4001
Phone: 1800 303 116
Phone: (07) 3335 7444
Fax: (07) 3335 7477

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