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Sulbagut-1 power station is a 100-megawatt (MW) coal-fired power plant proposed in Gorontalo Province, North Sulawesi Indonesia.


The satellite photo below shows the location of the project in Tanjung Village, Tomilito Subdistrict, Gorontalo Province, North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

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Background on Plant

Sulbagut-1 power station comprises two 50 MW units. In July 2016 PT GLP of coal miner PT Toba Bara Sejahtra Tbk said it had won the tender for the project through the country's Independent Power Producer (IPP) scheme, and had signed a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with the State Utility PT Perusahaan. Land procurement was underway in November 2016, and construction is planned for July 2017. Coal would be supplied domestically.[1]

In July 2017, GLP announced that it had completed final financing for the project and that the project would be complete by mid-2020.[2] The PT PLN 2018-2027 plan lists Unit 1 with a completion date of 2020 and Unit 2 with a completion date of 2021.[3]

In September 2018, it was reported that land acquisition and land clearing for the project was complete and that pre-construction development was proceeding.[4] According to GLP the plant will be built in Tanjung Karang Village, Tomilito Subdistrict, Gorontalo Untara Province.[5]

In October 2018, construction began on the project.[6] The 2019-2028 long-range plan lists the two units as entering operation in 2020 and 2021.[7]

In March 2020, the project's sponsor announced that it might be delayed as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic.[8]

PT Toba Bara's 2020 annual report states that the Sulbagut-1 power station is planned to begin commercial operations in 2021.[9] As of April 2021, construction on the Sulbagut-1 power station had reached 94%.[10]


In July 2017, a financing agreement for this project was closed. Bank Mandiri provided a US$230 million loan.[11]

Project Details

  • Sponsor: PT Gorontalo Listrik Perdana (GLP)
  • Parent company: PT Toba Bara Sejahtra Tbk (60%); PT Toba Sejahtra (20%); Shanghai Electric Power Construction Co. Ltd. (20%)
  • Location: Tanjung Village, Tomilito Subdistrict, Gorontalo Province, North Sulawesi, Indonesia
  • Coordinates: 0.9426981, 122.9415754 (exact)
  • Status: Construction
  • Gross Capacity: Units 1 and 2: 2 x 50 MW
  • Type: Subcritical
  • Start date: 2021
  • Coal Type:
  • Coal Source: Domestic
  • Source of financing: US$230 million in debt from Bank Mandiri[11]

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